the politics of art performing arts: aesthetics / strategy / action
cologne / 5th to 7th of febuary 2019
freies werkstatt theater 

In such times as now, when civil society is broadcasting signals of crisis, art realigns its antennas. The flausen+bundeskongress#2 questions the coordinates of performing arts; it confronts the working realities of artists with their visions and seeks out traces of powers of reform. How can spaces of artistic freedom be constructed, how can they be defended? Where are aesthetic forms of expression created that can be read in political ways? Is art a resource for solidarity, across borders? In what ways do alliances and networks provide initial sparks for visionary forms of cooperation?

The flausen+federalconference#2 brings together the independent performing arts scene, politics, academia and funding institutions. The meeting is organized by the flausen+bundesnetzwerk, which links 24 theatres and artistic research venues in 13 German states, both in urban as well as rural areas. The network’s goal is to simultaneously create a cultural program for all, as well as experimental spaces for artists. The flausen+bundesnetzwerk is a member of the Alliance for Independent Performing Arts.

The conference will once again take place at the Freie Werkstatt Theater in Cologne, which also hosted the flausen+bundeskongress#1 in February 2017, attended by 150 guests from Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada.